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5 Tankas

By Sergio Inestrosa

PROMPT—Privilege ...

Born among the poor

God himself.

Serene night ...

To guide shepherds

the brightness of a star.

Very early in the morning

the song of the cenzontle.

Leafy tree…

The moon pales

About to hide.


of autumn nights.

The moon appears ...

howls the owl

in the deep forest.

The night awaits

a young girl;

she drops a feather ...

Without wings she runs away

the angel of the lord.

Run away Jonah

of divine design.

A whale...

the stormy sea

by the whipped wind.


Born in San Salvador, 1957, Sergio Inestrosa is a Spanish and Latin American Studies Professor at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. His last book Piedras para María was published in Spain, 2019. In October 2019, Sergio participated in an International Poetry Festival in Salamanca, Spain. He writes from Manchester, MA.


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