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A Woman

By David Summerfield

PROMPT — What is Love?

My knowledge about a woman

Is that she is not like a man

A man is direct or should be

And powerful she too

Can be powerful in her own way

But she never seems to say

What she means and she speaks

In a peculiar language I choose

To call ‘Womanese’

But to taste the cheek or lips

Or soft nape of neck of any

One creature of this

Fathomless species is cause

To lay order aside immersing

Oneself into total uncertainty

And if savoring such a taste

Is not enough there is the touch

And feel of her flesh which

Is unlike any other earthly sensation

And in the absence of any fragrance

Or perfume you find the most perfect

And feminine scent is that which emanates

From the softness of her shaven flesh

And you suddenly find yourself

Forgiving any contradiction

Any dichotomy in what comes

Across as her being her presence

To see the way she fills the

Loosest jeans in a pair of heels no less

Makes anything she might be or do

Of no concern no consequence

And her voice especially the laughter

Is music you endeavor

To induce hoping

It comes in waves and will never cease

In any event to deny

That she is in some way affecting you

To the extent that you are prepared

To alter the very foundation of your

Own life would be as much a fallacy

As if you were to proclaim

You understood anything about her

At all


David Summerfield is a graduate of Frostburg State College, Frostburg, Maryland and a veteran of the Iraq war. He has been a columnist, contributor, and editor of various publications within his home state of West Virginia. His work has appeared or is due to appear in Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine, Carmina Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, and El Portal (EUNM) Literary Journal. David writes from Elkins, WV.


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