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Aaj Mein kaun?

By Anita Nahal

PROMPT — Who am I today?

Aaj Mein kaun?

Who am I today?

(Collection of five monokus combining Hindi and English)


Aaj mein kaun? Today? Yes, today, was warm enough for long walks with me.


Pied pipers piping past paleness of the night. Not me. Aaj mein kaun?


Aaj mein Frida Kahlo’s face. Lit up in calmer avenues. Today.


IRobot may have memorized habits. Secrets be. Be. Aaj mein kaun?


Aag mein kaun? Tenacity has a color, deep, aqua, lucent. Me.


Anita Nahal is an Indian American poet, flash fictionist, children’s writer, and professor. She has three books of poetry, one of flash fictions, four for children, and four edited anthologies to her credit. Her third poetry book, What’s wrong with us Kali women? (Kelsay, 0221) has been prescribed as compulsory reading in an elective course on Multicultural Society in the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. It has also been nominated by Cyril Dabydeen, celebrated Guyanese Indian Canadian & Ottawa poet laureate emeritus & novelist as his choice for the best poetry book for 2021 for British, Ars Notoria. Anita teaches at the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC. She is the daughter of Sahitya Akademi, award winning Indian novelist, Chaman Nahal and educationist, Sudarshna Nahal. She writes from Jersey City, New Jersey. More about Anita can be found at:


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