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As Above, So Below: Summoning Divine Protection and Guidance

By DeeAnna Nagel & Cedric Speyer

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

Father Mother God Spirit Source … Angels of the highest vibration, especially Archangel Michael. Please remove all negative cords, frequencies, vibrations, and energies that have attached in me, on me or around me, since I last said this prayer. I ask that you do the same for my twin flame, my soul mate, my family, and my soul tribe. Make us an instrument of your peace—a clear channel in word and deed. Ignite within us the violet flame of St. Germaine, wrap us in Christ’s white light and immerse us in the golden platinum light of God. May your light guide us from within, grounding our root chakra down to the earth's core and ascending through our crown chakra into the ethers. May unconditional love emanate from our heart chakra, allowing healing light to permeate our planetary home, encircling the earth out into the cosmos. Allow the light to be a beacon for all to find their way. As it is said, so shall it be.


DeeAnna Nagel is a former psychotherapist turned aromatherapist and intuitive. She integrates energy healing and intuition as well as chakra balancing and essential oils into her work with others. Her greatest passion is guiding people toward their soul's purpose. She holds several credentials in the healing arts. DeeAnna recently completed her doctorate (D.Th) with a focus on Spiritual Direction. More at: Cedric Speyer is an author and Registered Psychotherapist (RP) who offers a psychospiritual paradigm based on the integration of therapeutic best practices with spiritual growth. He developed the InnerView Guidance model and designed the 4Fold Path map depicting the sequences of soul work. The vision of InnerView Guidance International (IGI) brings together the historically separate domains of mental health and spiritual awareness in a new synthesis for the helping professions. More at:


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