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Corona 3-24-20

By Leni Gross Young

PROMPT — During COVID-19 ...

And the beat goes on. Or

we are beaten. So hard to

know. Daily lives go on, yet

“go” has different meaning –

outside, inside, six feet apart,

or under, all is adjusting itself to

the uncertainty and out of control-

ness. Like a game of chess where

no one can see the board, or the

opponents’ moves. Whose move

now? We could use a knight,

one in shining armor. A queen

would potentially do us well.

Checkmate on the king.


Someone said that at the end

of this there would be divorce

court and rehab marathons,

many new babies – perhaps

more than those to replace the

deaths, tolling, trolling the

internet. Collapses. We all should

have invested in Zoom. Who knew?

Only now, we know. Insiders on the

Hill probably all knew, but were

they smart enough to Zoom?

To check? Or mate?

Stories of coy pond mineral water

deaths and bleach swallowed, rationalized

by the unchecked king. Shelter in place,

a new phrase bandied about, urgency,

panic, frantic, economy versus people.

is it mother earth’s warning on our

arrogance? Apocalypse now? I envision

an ark. Who will be the chooser of

the two by twos? Now we are

all in check. If we make the right

moves, or, better, stay unmoving for

as long as necessary, maybe there will be

no checkmate on the human species. But

maybe it’s what we deserve? Pawn

that we are.


Leni Gross Young is an expressive therapist by training, so she loves the title of this journal and the meaning behind it. She has been in writing groups/writing circles of women for over thirty years and uses writing to clarify her thoughts, believing that the act itself taps into a different part of the brain than just thinking. Leni always had this image of alphabet cereal letters pouring out of her tilted, tapped head, from her ears and onto the page, forming new ideas and landscapes. As a practicing psychotherapist, Leni uses writing in therapy to help clients. She holds a B.A. from Dickinson College and an M.A. in Expressive Therapy from Lesley University.


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