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He's a Mystery: Ode To Self

By Nkosilathi Moyo

PROMPT — The way I see it ...

I heard they’re asking, where is he?

In the US or the UK?

He goes everywhere, like a tree he can sway.

Every day, they’re asking questions.

Is he alive, is he dead, maybe buried?

Is he single, does he mingle, or maybe married?

I heard he started a PhD, did he finish?

He graduated in Nationality Studies and eloped with a Finnish.

But, is it true?

You never know, there is no clue.

Do people love him, or do they hate him?

He doesn’t care, not intimidated by your stare.

Is he crazy, is he on meds?

No, he’s a Griot, he’s a master of the words.

But, who is he?

He’s a mystery, he’s me.


An African Black man, Nkosilathi Moyo is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Louisiana State University. He describes himself as a philosopher, writer, and advocate for the masses. He creates not poems but lyrical verses. This stems from the perception that he is not a poet but a lyricist. Nkosilathi writes from Baton Rouge, LA.


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