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By Donna Kmetz

PROMPT — Who am I today?

I think too much Processing every syllable Certain there’s a hidden meaning Desperate to understand

I trust too little Wary of giving up power Convinced there are hidden motives And a way to take advantage

I love cautiously Wondering if I’m doing it right Summoning my hidden strength Determined to be better

I employ snarky humor As a defense mechanism The hidden weapon In my arsenal of protection

I give too many chances Hedging my bets Barely surprised when the hidden agenda Reveals itself and takes me out

I wonder if I’m normal Unsure what normal is Marveling I may be a hidden treasure Yet to be discovered

I feel too much Waves of emotion annihilate me as Close ones expose their hidden nature Duplicitous and ignorant of fallout

I pretend I’m okay

As I slowly fall apart Hidden in plain sight Wondering when they’ll spot the cracks

I debate throwing in the towel

Engulfed by doubt Conjuring my hidden talent Denying my feelings

I soldier on

Keeping my emotions under wraps Suppressing my true self Remaining hidden


Donna Kmetz is a transplanted Jersey girl living on the gulf coast of Florida. Professionally, she is The Freckled Beachcomber, operating a furniture restoration and coastal home decor business. When the spirit moves her, as it does often these days, she writes poetry and continues to work on a novel about her childhood, hoping to capture the craziness of being raised by her father in the 1970s. 


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