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By Pragya Bajpai

PROMPT — Who am I today?

In my diary, I wrote about the heavens and deep azure sky

That caught my eye as my aimless gaze follows a butterfly

While keeping the fever of you at arm’s length

I wrote about exploring the hidden reservoir of strength

about mastering a new skill of sleeping in teasing cricket's sound

about fireflies overwhelming the bosom of darkness around

about carelessly crossing a busy street with staggering dreams

challenging my cerebral capacities

I wrote about contemplating in the garden,

glued to a corner for hours

About mysterious patterns of silver stars

About everything that makes noise and disrupts my poise

About the airplane making geometric patterns of cotton in the sky

that no more fails to catch my empty eyes

About the swaying kite

smoothly landing on the branch to rest in peace

that draws my attention

breaks my spell of reverie

I wrote about love of a sparrow that checks on me

every day with no expectations ever

I wrote about the plants that were neglected

when I was too busy mourning our separation

As I fill the last page of the diary, I realize

I didn't think of your lethal love,

didn't bother to even hate you

I broke free bit by bit

everything has wiped off my mind like

the spam mails that automatically

get deleted after some time

One by one, all the relics of you in me have died

I have reached a destination where nothing feels

Yet everything is complete. I am at peace

I am what I was meant to be

not a part of you but

a whole


Pragya Bajpai, Ph.D. is a mother, poet, artist, and academic who writes from Pune, Maharashtra, India. She has published a collection of 51 poems and has edited 4 anthologies celebrating the armed forces. Her second poetry collection is under publication. She is featured in anthologies and magazines worldwide. View her Instagram: pragyabajpai29


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