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Making Ourselves Better

By Rose H. Wharton

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

Sometimes people find themselves stuck—on jobs that no longer convince us to jump out of bed in the morning because we do not feel ecstatic about the day ahead; on relationships that do not fulfill our deepest and most personal desires and needs because there is a profound lack of love. This is no decent way of living. As there is no long-term benefit of being constantly buried in stress, sorrow or sadness, there is an eternal benefit of choosing to live surrounded by meaningfulness, lovingness and joyfulness.

And for that to be true in our lives, one has to remember that the answers are not on the outside, but on the inside. This means we have to listen to what our own body has to say about our current routine. And I am not talking about listening to our ego, but about listening to our intuition. Because the ego is full of fear, anger and judgment, while the intuition is full of compassion, empathy and understanding.

That is the reason why I will not rest. I will not rest until every human being who longs for a change in their lives receives the guidance they deserve to transform themselves. I will not rest until their lives are full of meaning, love and joy. Nor will I rest before they realize that it is them who hold the power to make the change.

And for that to happen, there has to be an understanding that we all are sources of good, kind and powerful energy. That there is no such thing as negative energy, but rather a lack of alignment with our truest and highest selves. And because our whole reality is energy-based, when one person starts to shift their inner-self for the better, everyone around them will feel and be inspired by that shift.

I will not rest until we can all understand that working on making ourselves better is working on making the world better.


Rose H. Wharton is a 23-year-old, here-and-there author, who was born and raised in Brazil. Wharton writes about whatever comes to mind, always trying to make the world a better place. She writes from São Paulo, Brazil.


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