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Old apple tree & compass points

By Colin Ian Jeffery

PROMPT — What is Love?

Old apple tree

There is an apple tree

At the bottom of the garden

Where my brother and I once played

Swinging on branches

Climbing high and low.

Tree has stood a century

Giving September crop of apples

Now in my old age a shrine

With memories of childhood.

There is an apple tree

Where I often go and sit beneath

And if I listen very hard

I hear my brother’s happy cries

As we climbed high and low.

Compass points

Beauty lies frozen in death's embrace, reclined

Coffin held, four compass points of my life

Now still, silent as stone, eyes forever closed

Leaving me a traveller without a soulmate.

In life my daily road, route into full of light

Seed of love’s most wondrous flowering

Steadfast rock within stormy seas, unyielding

Sweetest truth which death cannot deny.

Hope and promise for tomorrow’s dawn

Who in life kissed, embraced, was treasured.

Death took all away and time has stopped

With no more stars, sun and moon.

My lover was my morning, noon and night

Breath, I took, beat of heart, life’s sweetest joy.


Colin Ian Jeffery is an English poet, novelist and humourist. He is a modernist poet, a movement with development of imagism stressing clarity, precision and economy of language, and has a strong reaction against war, tranny, and oppression of truth and innocence, but unlike other poets in the modernism movement like Dylan Thomas and Ezra Pound he has a profound faith in God. Colin writes from Surrey, England.


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