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By Sarah Henry

PROMPT — During COVID-19 ...

At a museum,

the guard said

I had beautiful hair.

The color and curl

were natural.

That was before

the virus struck

and doors of salons

and museums shut.

The guard fled

to the safety of

her home. I fled

to my home also,

a castle defended

by frozen food

and the internet.

Now, I crack open

a high window

to view the outside

world while my

hair grows longer

and longer. I hope

a knight arrives

in all his glory,

and brings me

a strong vaccine.

The castle seems

smaller and smaller.


Sarah Henry studied with two former U.S. poet laureates at the University of Virginia. Today she is retired from a newspaper. Her poems have been published internationally in numerous print and online journals. Sarah lives and writes in a small Pennsylvania town.


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