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Ruh se Roobaroo

By S. Rupsha Mitra

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

Ruh se Roobaroo (confronting your soul)

Allow the exterior voices whizz past like parallax.

Listen, deep within a rhythm plays – slowly as sacred as

The sound from conch shells,

Feel the music overflowing,

Let the melody erase the horrors for once-

Plunge yourself in the garden within

As colourful as in spring.

Seek its beauty closing your eyes, shutting your ears and still

If you can listen to the soft beats-

Like stuttering, vibrating, echoing brimming

Prayer - hymns


You have had rubaroo with your ruh.


Ruh – soul

Rubaroo – to confront

*both are Urdu words


S. Rupsha Mitra has a penchant for everything that is creative. She feels cathartic through poetry writing and often writes about emotions and motivations. She writes from Kolkata, India.


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