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unclenching a fist

By Hannah Holbert

PROMPT — Who am I today?

I opened my hands, finally

and found that they are still soft

like the morning

I accepted the gift

of renewed warmth in my bones;


It shimmers through me like a prism

and hope

winds its way through my sorry thorns

until I can sing again-

and the sound tickles me

a giggle like dandelions

I can feel the sun smile on my face

Easter’s breeze through my hair

I am waiting to be found like

so many colors

my future is coiled within me—

and now my hands hold the Spring


Hannah Holbert is an aspiring Poet from Kansas City. She has always enjoyed story telling in all forms and loves finding new ways to share her life with the world. She currently lives in Overland Park, KS where she lives close to her family and works as a vet tech. She enjoys the healing that writing brings to her life. This is her first published piece!


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