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When I’m Gone

By Khloe Kempker

PROMPT — The way I see it ...

When I’m gone

Tell them that I was humorously human

With my clumsy steps and my foolish smile

A laugh so loud that it would shake the walls

Without care should they fall

Tell them that

I never left a treacherous trail

Of burdened broken hearts like seashells along the shore

That I always strove to reach the surface of the sun

Leaving the darkness behind me

With the purpose that it spread to no one

When I’m gone

Tell them that I will be saying hello

By using bold bright colors to paint the sky

Do not race through life to meet my face

Not all artists hike to find their muse

Tell them that

I lived my life with purpose

To feel real in this world

Leaving a lasting impression

For when I’m gone


Khloe Kempker is an 18-year-old freshman attending Western Michigan University, studying creative writing. Writing has been a passion of hers from a young age and she plan to pursue writing as a career to spread her work to others. Khloe writes from Portage, Michigan.


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