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By Angela Ezekiel

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

It flows from the mountain top,

flowing in a steady path, splish-splash.

It has never stop traveling its voyage

but where does it come from?

At this bank of a wandering thought

came a bloop question.

Does it have a home, a mother to

nurse and care, did it have a childhood

with friends and cats for fun?

So where did water come from?


At this bank with hasty plopping water came a walking thought

into a little mind, where life

is jolly and play, a world

like one in fairy stories, with

fair skies and wild earth.

A child can sing at the river

bank and wonder, “where

does water come from?”


Angela Ezekiel is a Nigerian writer who resides in Jos, Plateau state. She started writing at the age of 12. She enjoys reading, singing and taking long walks in nature. She has been published in the Academy the of Heart and Mind. She shares some of her work on instagram as @angelas__diary.


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