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. . . You gave me . . . What you did not have, and I gave you . . . What I had to give—together, we made . . . Something greater from the difference.


— Alberto Rios, Poet, “When Giving Is All We Have

The Journal of Expressive Writing is more than a publication. We aim to be an engaged and supportive community of writers and listeners. Giving our focused attention to each other’s voices, stories, and writing is a generous, necessary act of humanity, repair, and celebration.

Each month, the Journal OPEN MIC will open with a featured author, in addition to 15 reserved spots for writers to read their work. During the OPEN MIC, each writer will read for up to 3 minutes max. All events are FREE to attend and OPEN TO ALL, but you do need to Pre-Register. The Journal Open Mic is produced and hosted by Kelly DuMar.

Thursday, May 18, 2023
7:30:-9:00pm EST


Tommy Archuleta

REGISTER to attend

FULL to read for 3 min

Tommy Archuleta is a mental health and substance abuse counselor for the New Mexico Corrections Department and author of the HOT OFF THE PRESS collection entitled, Susto, "a whittled bone of a book, seething with marrow."

Tommy Archuleta's poems have appeared in the New England Review, Laurel Review, Lily Poetry Review, The Cortland Review, Guesthouse, and the Poem-a-Day series sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. His debut full-length collection entitled, Susto, (Center for Literary Publishing, Colorado State University Press), and his debut chapbook, Fieldnotes (Lily Poetry Review & Press) were both release in April 2023. He lives and writes on the Cochiti Reservation.

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