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. . . You gave me . . . What you did not have, and I gave you . . . What I had to give—together, we made . . . Something greater from the difference.


— Alberto Rios, Poet, “When Giving Is All We Have

The Journal of Expressive Writing is more than a publication. We aim to be an engaged and supportive community of writers and listeners. Giving our focused attention to each other’s voices, stories, and writing is a generous, necessary act of humanity, repair, and celebration.

Each month, the Journal OPEN MIC will open with a featured author, in addition to 15 reserved spots for writers to read their work. During the OPEN MIC, each writer will read for up to 3 minutes max. All events are FREE to attend and OPEN TO ALL, but you do need to Pre-Register. The Journal Open Mic is produced and hosted by Kelly DuMar.

Wed, December 6, 2023
7:00:-8:30pm EST


Myra Shapiro

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Myra Shapiro's poems have appeared in many periodicals and anthologies including The New Yorker and two editions of The Best American Poetry. She is the recipient of the Dylan Thomas Poetry Award from The New School and was the finalist for the Robert H. Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America. Her books of poems are I'll See You Thursday, 12 Floors Above the Earth and When the World Walks Toward You and the memoir, Four Sublets: Becoming a Poet in New York. Shapiro serves on the Board of Directors of Poets House and teaches poetry workshops for the International Women’s Writing Guild.

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