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Ask Me About My Narcoleptic Daydreams

By Reyna N. Vasquez Bisono


Excessive daytime drowsiness

Doesn’t that say it all?

All my body wants to do is sleep

And waking up is a constant fight

With no real victory in sight

Frustration never more than a blink away,

blink… blink… blink

My eyelids start feeling heavy

Always on the brink

The fog starts pulling at me

Awareness slipping away

A never-ending game of tug-of-war

I don’t ever remember signing up for

Energy spent trying to keep focus,

But exhaustion doesn’t ask permission,

it only invades

Phasing in and out of life is the norm for me

More than tired

Days fade and depression seeps in

An unwelcome guest to my narcoleptic escapades

And as if that weren’t enough,

they brought cataplexy with them too

Que rude

Everyone knows that three’s a crowd.

Powder keg emotions ignite paralyzing effects

Body-bound and tongue-tied against my will

Muscle weakness is a weakness,

and we don’t show that here

My narcolepsy makes me crave sleep,

But the world makes me embrace it

Why face your problems,

when you can just go to sleep instead?


Reyna N. Vasquez Bisono currently resides in Brentwood, New York with an older brother and both parents. Writing has always been a passion of hers, from the moment pen was put to paper. Vasquez Bisono self-published Random Thoughts Breed Expressive Monologues available in both paperback and Kindle e-Book. Being both a minority and a DACA recipient have been defining features of her life and has bled into her poetry. Vasquez Bisono hopes readers will read her poetry with both an open heart and open mind, and she hopes she has made her work relatable enough so that no one ever feels alone.

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