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By Angela Ezekiel

PROMPT — If only ...

It was Sunday when the earth

swallowed Maggi, our

sweetmeloned woman.

Soul, brightest in the

glorious morning sun,

a Lilly in a thousand thorns.

It was Monday, the birds

thus did not sing

porch songs. It was

stillness and shock

within the heart of our

Sons and daughters.

Dawn came the next day,

Maggi's seat was left to the

spirit of sorrow with heavy dark

clouds dawning. Daughters

of Maggi wept all the more.

The sun did not rise

in Maggi's home, the

only light we knew

flickered away like the fireflies

at sunrise.

There were many days

to count but these days were

the most frightening of all, of

all the days were ones with

Maggi and several days

left to count without her.


Angela Ezekiel is a Nigerian writer from Jos. Her work has been published in the Academy of the Heart and Mind online magazine. She is on Instagram as @angelas__diary where she shares some of her creative work.


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