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At Yun’meng Mountain

By Cigeng Zhang

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

The old vine of the wild kiwi fruit

bent like a flow of rivulet hanging upside down

The babbling stream

ran through the woods in rhythm

A perky leopard cat

jumped over the damp stones

Lush elm leaves

turned towards the sun

The verdant faces of full desire

smelled of dew

A chickadee twittering

leaped onto the little faces

to meet the old acquaintance

or, find a new friend


Cigeng Zhang is a freelance English translator who loves writing poems. Writing from Beijing, China, she started writing poems in English in 2012. Cigeng's first bilingual collection of poems entitled Rouge in the Water was published in China in 2017. Several poems were included in the Poetic Bond Serial Anthology (United Kingdom) and the Savant Poetry Anthology (USA).


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