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By Mark Blickley

PROMPT—Privilege ...

My Baby Boomer generation has been weaponized into a baby boomerang that cuts down all who are different then we are. And what are we? We are old white male draft-dodging faux-educated hedonists who lived to get high, get laid and make as much money as possible with a minimum amount of effort. America turned us angry and bitter because our legal pharmaceuticals now cost ten times more than our illicit drugs did and if we want to get laid today, we must pop legal blue pills that cost us a fortune and seriously fucks with our eyesight. We’d rather go blind than give up our stiff pricks that point us in the direction of our youth. But we are not color blind. We are "Not On Our Soil" GOPQ White is Right Evangelical Plague Rat Putin Patriots.


Mark Blickley grew up within walking distance of New York's Bronx Zoo. He is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and PEN American Center. His latest book is the text-based art collaboration with fine arts photographer Amy Bassin, Dream Streams.


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