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Be Grateful

By Nikkia Newton

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

Always be grateful

Stay resilient

And understand your strength.

Be grateful that you can see the sun

And hear birds’ chirp.

Be careful that you sit across from a friend and eat lunch.

Be grateful that you can still live to make a mistake

Be grateful that every day you have the opportunity to be great.

Be grateful that out of all the battles, you have prevailed

Be grateful that out of all the enemies, you live to tell their tale.

Be grateful you can still breath in and out your nose

Be grateful that because you are who you are

You have always dug yourself out of the hole.

Be grateful you’ve stay solid and never folded

And it shows.

Be grateful that there are so many that protect you

So many you do not even know.

Be grateful.

Be grateful.

You are grateful.

You are grateful.


Nikkia Newton is 23 years worth of magic in the making. She has been writing since she was at least 8, everything from short stories to poetry. Nikkia is filled with love and light, and feels it is her duty to spread that through her words. She writes from Atlanta, Georgia.


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