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By Samuel Torontour

PROMPT — Who am I today?

Saviour of the mind and soul

Its wings lend grace and dignity to those with no voice

To those whose cries go unheard, we can reach into the darkness and lend them our light

We can shine so that they too may see the beauty of things through our eyes

Our love, like daily bread, can feed the lonely, and give moments of joy to those poor souls who cry alone in their suffering, a simple gaze in their direction to acknowledge their humanity can nourish their starving soul, and provide solace to their tears

Our compassion can reach all nations, to lift those abandoned in unimaginable poverty, to bring flowers to the deserts, and restore hope in once great lands now lost in spiraling darkness

Our good will can raise humanity to its pinnacle, and through restoration of mutual trust, we can rebuild our great love, with a foundation of equity and balance, and allow the privilege of harmony to return

We, the custodians of earth, with great responsibility, can melt shadows in our light, the world that we have been given awaits our charity


Samuel Torontour is a family physician, father, musician, poet, and lover of humanity, but most of all, he is himself. Samuel writes from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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