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Color Blind!

By Jyoti Nair

PROMPT—Privilege ...

Especially on Holi Make me color-blind Liberate me from color-cacophony and clangor They have been bludgeoning my verandah since morning At least today, do not boast about your manipulating manacles of color Are those bangles or ballistic bondages! For I comprehend only 'black and white' Black and White: Tautology of my tangential tinge Widows still smothered in white The etymology still besmirched in black Colors are harrowing hallucinating heliums I have abandoned them long ago!

* Holi is a two-day Hindu spring festival that is primarily celebrated in India. Holi is pronounced the same as the word holy. It is sometimes known as the Festival of Colors. In several ethnically darkened parts of India, even today widows will be admonished as outcasts if they engage in festivities such as Holi.


The quintessential transformation evangelist, Jyoti Nair has acquired professional prowess in the capability development and project management gamut, incessantly catering to rapidly diversifying business needs. She currently spearheads multiple operations for L&D and Quality Assurance, spanning across HR and Recruitment while being employed at an Indian Multinational Technology Company acclaimed as a global leader in IT services, digital and business solutions. Nair finds the process of writing therapeutic and nurtures the poetry raiment as her second skin. Her work is featured in numerous global poetry anthologies and distinguished poetry journals. Although Nair has won many accolades for her literary pursuits, she inherently cherishes her solitary quill and fervently whets her pen in stoic resilience. She writes from Mumbai, India.


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