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Come with me

By Raluca Buttner

PROMPT—Privilege ...


step out onto the clouds with me.

why be so afraid

to leave the world behind,

with its roofs and screened windows?

is it so frightening

to be free?

did you find the comfort there

that you were searching for,

held behind closed doors,

in a shadow’s embraces?

beyond the steady, the certain, the sure

and all of the things

that you were told to wait for

lies everything you knew existed

but couldn’t see.


step out onto the clouds with me.


Raluca Buttner graduated from MIT in 1996 with a Chemical Engineering major and Film Studies concentration. While deeply appreciative of the learning gained from her college and professional experiences, her love of art and design has always been strong. Today, Raluca’s life is full of music and art, and the happiness of continuing to raise her three beloved children. She writes from Lexington, MA.  


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