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Concussion to my Head

By Evelyn J Caballero

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

A fellow writer says,

“Writing helps you deal with pain,

heal from the trauma.”

I apply this to the concussion of my head,

no thought a blank

that is all I come up with instead.

Still I write words

whatever comes,

words I feel pouring out of my heart

freely taking form, a poem.

I am joyous.


Evelyn J Caballero wrote poetry as a graduate student in Anthropology and two poems were published in Poetry East-West (1975). She spent much of her career teaching Anthropology and published a book, GOLD FROM THE GODS (1996), articles in PIT Women and Others (2006), Practicing Anthropology (2006), and other journals. Evelyn has rediscovered her love for writing poetry over the past five years, now that she is in her late 60s. This poem was written in Fairfax, VA as she heals from a car accident.


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