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Cutting Loose

By Carol Keegan

PROMPT — If only ...

Stage 1: The Curve Flattens Too many of us cut loose at the same time, so the bell curve inverted. Eccentrics at both ends of old norms became the ruling classes. Polar opposite-ing each other in waves of fury. The middle ground flattened to calm the warring opposites. Like it or not, we all became the same. Stage 2: The Flatline Curves Anew Old vanities rose up in opposition to rampant equality. Decrying the flat-lining of norms that used to keep them in power. Tossing the rebels some crumbs, moderates exiled fewer of them. Voila, normalcy redefined itself. Like it or not, we had adapted to a bit of change


Carol Keegan is a retired social science researcher who lives in Rockville, Maryland. She wrote this poem in her expressive writing circle last night.


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