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Drag Show

By Debbie Cutler

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

He came out as a man

to perform in front of a crowd

of those seeking inclusion

all eyes upon him

in his plain jeans and brown t-shirt.

He looked at the floor

and walked, not danced,

across the stage

uncomfortable in his steps.

I felt his fear

the sting

of being different

not accepted

in worlds beyond this room.

He grabbed dollars quickly

tossed them on the table of a friend

then quit abruptly

ran backstage.

The gorgeous host

dressed to please

shouted “I’m so beautiful”

then described her own pains

her life, age four

with a grandma who said

she could not eat unless

she accepted Jesus

as Lord and Savior.

She stood tall in her sexy dress

shouted out against the church

which shunned their kind

(but not Jesus – “Jesus is cool”)

and cursed the right-wing government

that didn’t accept them

in a free country

that is not really free.


Debbie Cutler, a writer of more than 30 years, has been published in numerous mainstream and literary magazines, including Cirque, Wingless Dreamer, Journal of Expressive Writing, The Dewdrop, Pure Slush, Shanti Arts (Still Point Arts Quarterly), Sweetycat Press, The MockingOwl Roost, Prime, Of Rust and Glass, Paddler Press. Columbia Business Times, Editor and Publisher, Independent Living, Wanderlust, among others. She worked at the University of Missouri, writing for seven departments in the College of Arts and Science though will retired in July, 2022. She was also the former managing editor of Alaska Business and former editor of Alaska magazine. Debbie writes from Columbia, MO.


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