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Falling in Love

By Abrielle

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

June is a special month, I feel summer setting in.

Falling in love is like summer.

Watching the sun set, saying goodbye to the evening glow,

Only for it to come back tomorrow morning.

There isn’t a day that the summer sky doesn’t take your breath away.

It’s hot, sticky, and uncomfortable

Yet warm, inviting, and joyful

Resting your head out of the car window, driving by the coast.

It’s ice cream dates and talking until the fireflies come out

The feeling of wanting it to never end but

Looking forward to what’s ahead.

I am grateful for falling in love in Summer


Abrielle is a communications undergrad in Boston with a passion for writing, painting, and social issues. Writing heals her and she enjoys sharing her experiences with the world.


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