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Find You

By Marjorie Moorhead

PROMPT — Who am I today?

for Joni and Pam

Sitting in the indy bookstore with Pam, a friend from writing group.

Small crowd, on folded chairs, pen and paper in hand, we’ll be writing

to prompts, led by Joni C., featured writer, here promoting her book.

Joni leads the free-write, her specialty—one that has been a true gift for me.

First prompt: Let’s try again. I move my pen:

Start over, another time. More, more, and different. Don’t be afraid

to run up a hill, tumble down in somersaults. Try, and try again.

You won’t be knowing the perfect ending, the best, the clever, the catchy.

Don’t worry. Keep writing, sharing. Keep it flowing.

Keep growing. To make a life beautiful you try

to stay true to yourself. Though experience is fluid, life is change,

if your constant is honesty in writing, you’re on a beautiful path

and in beautiful community. Keep listening.

Next prompt: Rejection. Keep pen in motion:

You have to get used to that. The writing can’t be done seeking other’s

acceptance or validation. Has to be for enjoyment of process, to learn,

grow, expand. Later, if an editor out there feels some spark, chooses your words

to share, that’s sweet icing on your cake! Dance, celebrate, luxuriate,

and move on.

Next: Spilled drinks. Write, don’t think:

Spilled drinks can slosh all over your work, your lap, your life. Mop it up

and keep going. How do you fit into this life all around you? Pick up a pen,

without intimidation, and write the white paper blue. Cover pages bravely,

thoughts-straight-to-paper. Your writing reveals clues. Pursue, pursue.

Spill your guts, write, write madly, and you will find…You.


Marjorie Moorhead writes poetry, walks daily, and hopes for peace and health for her planet and species. Much of her writing can be accessed here. Marjorie writes from Lebanon, NH.


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