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Finding God Through What Is Not

By Philip Vassallo

PROMPT—No one noticed ...

Walking alone after rain, her muddied street

shining under the glow of lampposts still

dripping on parked cars, a man-made sheet

covering every trace of Nature’s will,

judging, on the wind’s cue, that nothing’s right,

passing through the district that sells hope,

eyeing cats emerging from alleys in fright,

crossing into traffic, herself a trodden trope,

stopping by a boutique display windowpane

brimming with false totems few can buy,

staring at her reflection, an inverted plane,

asking her shadow if life is just a lie,

begging God for one lost soul to love,

swearing, yet soaring on broken wings of a dove.


Philip Vassallo’s poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in many publications, including THE JOURNAL OF EXPRESSIVE WRITING, and his plays have been produced throughout the United States. He writes the blog WORDS ON THE LINE. Philip writes from Parlin, New Jersey.


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