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Frozen Until Thaw

By Alicia Taylor

PROMPT — The way I see it ...

When I look at her

I see for real, anguish and comfort

I see me when I look at her

And I wonder

When she see’s me

Does she actually see her?

When I see the girl whose innocence has been penetrated

By a disease of evil so cunningly delegated

By those with no conscience, by the memories that haunt us

Confronted, when I look at her and I see me

by someone who knows the whole story

A girl made of words left speechless, that’s finally free

Do they understand, even a shred, a trace?

When I tell my story until red in the face

The world looks at me, all defenses lost

How can I explain, the terror that once reined

It's such a disgrace, yet when I look at her face

I see what the rest can never truly know

The words elude and trail away, tears will show

So much trapped inside I cannot say

When I look at her, I see the truth,

sadly of those passed on And those to come.

Yes, especially our youth.

Horrific comfort, Yearn to accept in dismay

The pain the hurt, to expose is to heal

corruption and justice simultaneously

when I look at her I accept what I feel

the need to speak lessens and I am less threatened

I don’t know her but I know she knows me

When I look at her, The words stop crying, together, no jealousy

The story of survival bares words that are raw,

When I look at her the words frozen until thaw


Alicia Taylor was born to the beautiful ugliness of Northern Manitoba. She is always a young lady, forever an old soul. A past filled with unbelievable love, heartbreak, and experiences of unbearable twists. Yet she continues to dream fully. Alicia is a grateful daughter, silly sister, and has a special dog. Dancing her indigenous culture, she shares her story of survival and everyday learning in order to love herself.


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