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God, what did you say again?

By Aaron Curry

PROMPT — If only ...

If only I paid more attention to God and less attention to other sources.

I'll stop muzzling your voice.

I heard what you said God. I did. . . . . . .

But I also heard the many voices and opinions of my coworkers, friends, family members, and the people on TV too.

I read your word God. I did . . . . . . .

But I also read comments on the YouTube videos, blogs that were unhelpful, people's opinions on social media, and some more stuff.

I spent time with you too God. You know I did. . . . . . . .

But we only hung out for 10 minutes though because I also spent time with Facebook for 30 minutes, Netflix for 4 hours, and Fox 5 for 2 hours.

God, what did you say again?

I know you spoke, but the TV was too loud. I didn't fully hear you.

The TV was too loud.

Their opinions were too loud.

My own opinions were too loud.

Facebook was too loud.

Netflix was too loud.

YouTube was too loud.

My bad God. I'm trippin. That's on me.

I'm not going to drown out your voice anymore.

I will hear you more than I hear other people.

I will read you more than I read comments and social media posts.

I will spend more time with you and less time with things that won't help me grow.

I am going to decrease so that you may increase.

I choose to not muzzle your voice anymore.


Aaron Curry is a science teacher in Prince George's County Public Schools. In his spare time, he likes to watch Anime, be outside, hike, watch movies, and several other things. Aaron writes from the Washington, DC area.


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