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Hybrid Prose with Syd Barrett

By Mimi Bordeaux


If I chose prose to express myself would you want to be close?

Dream on a lake shimmering gold is light flashing drake high end up with poetry pouring out and up

Head inside my shattered eyes that blends the skies and under what name your shame?

Back to the heath and your wild wishes to listen to the birds a-swallow whistles warbling singing its sun dried out of town swinging

I saw your work in a bookshop looking forward go next door clip clop

Weeks days and years going down again later on we'll pray for the cures

Swing switch to sombre morose ding sing song single sinful now that's an angle

Eagle eye on my way to another dive let us go then you and I

You and him to her and she is his mind that the rest is a great find hovering over me cheerio ciao Bella go through the universe unicorn wheel

Find his word on the luminous intensity of the sweet words


Mimi Bordeaux is a free verse prose writer who drinks coffee and smokes. She currently writes for her own publication, ArtRock. Mimi writes from Melbourne Australia.

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