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If only I knew

By Pragya Bajpai

PROMPT — If only ...

If only I knew, the mind is a tool to exercise forgetfulness too, when memory did more harm than good

If only I knew, holding grudges like hot coal can burn you, if not dropped soon

If only I knew, forgiveness is akin to virtues of sandalwood

If only I knew, sins alone don't define me and you; people are made of both fire and water in different ratios

If only I knew, instinct has a language, I would've been all ears at every stage. Mishaps could've been saved

If only I knew, my body is a home; it's always my choice to leave or carry toxicity inside. The layers of unwanted words, experience, judgements become a face of self-pampered personal demons. That face often navigates our life at its whims

If only I knew, sooner or later, everything ends and every end is the beginning of something

I would've done it all differently

And would've become someone different

Or may be perfect

But not 'me'! If only!


Pragya Bajpai, Ph.D. is a mother, academic, artist, and poet. She has authored two poetry collections and has edited four anthologies celebrating the armed forces. Pragya is published worldwide in various anthologies and reputed literary magazines. She writes from Pune, Maharashtra, India.


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