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Last flight

By Bhuwan Thapaliya

PROMPT — If only ...

She waited for him

at the dinner table

long after

the dinner time

had passed.

She’d been

fooled by him.

He took

the last flight


the blue sky

and never

came back.

High cheek bones

and with quaky eyes,

she is

waiting for him,


a cup of masala memories.

Clotheslines hang about

in the darkness

and there is light

only in his room.

His cupboards

all open,

a stack of folded,

crumpled clothes


to be ironed


a convivial look.

The dustbin

in his room


It has kept

its secrets.

A housefly buzzed

around the room

and then sat on the side

of his picture frame

on the wall.

She reached out

and chased it away

out of the room.


Bhuwan Thapaliya was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and is the author of four poetry collections. His poems and articles have been widely published in journals and periodicals such as Kritya, Foundling Review, FOLLY, The Journal of Expressive Writing, Trouvaille Review, Pendemics Literary Journal, Pandemic Magazine, The Poet, Litehouse, Valient Scribe, Strong Verse, Jerry Jazz Musician,, Ponder Savant, Mindful of Poetry – Page for Africa,, Poetseers, International Times, Taj Mahal Review, Poetry Life and Times, VOICES (Education Project), Longfellow Literary Project, Poets Against the War, (Magazine of arts and humanities), InnerVisions by Jay, The Sound of Poetry Review, The Kashmir Pulse, Publiknama, Ibex Press Year's Best Magazine, rave utopia, The Camel Saloon, STREET VOICE #5, Merak Magazine, Poetry and Covid: A project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, University of Plymouth, and Nottingham Trent University, among many others.


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