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let me be

By Kumar Ghimire

PROMPT — The way I see it ...

Allow me to embrace

The innocence of childhood

Tasting each fleeting moment

Even in the silence of nothingness.

Let me immerse myself

In the waves and flow of my

bridled sea of imagination.

Let me revel in the playfulness

Of my own uninhibited simplicity

And disregard any preconceptions.

Grant me the courage

To insult the notions of wise respectfully.

Let my smile radiate joy

With its gentleness.

I yearn to glow like a flame

And fulfill my dormant desires.

Let me erase the awareness

Of being bound by chains.

I aspire to soar within the frequencies of imagination, like the sky's clouds.

Amidst the chaos of conformity,

Allow me to blossom into uniqueness.

Let me, write myself;

Full of the sky,

So the world could read.

“I am common uniqueness.”


Kumar Ghimire is a poet from Nepal. He writes his poetry in Nepali and English languages. His poems have been published in Greece, UK, and the USA. Kumar writes from Biratnagar, Province 1, Nepal.


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