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By Anthony John Ward

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

It was if the sky had become solidified,

And I was sheltering beneath a dark cloud,

Though the landscape stayed the same.

Reading the bus service updates,

I reminded myself there was world out there,

Still functioning,

While I was dis-functioning in my sel’,

Remembering the life I once led,

Watching the world through the windows-

Like it was a movie.

Before, I observed life like it was framed on the wall,

Often wandering past it without taking it in,

Merely comforted by its presence,

Until the day I finally stopped in the middle of what I was doing

And I really took notice.


Anthony John Ward tends to fidget with his thoughts in the hope of laying them to rest. He has managed to lay them in a number of publications, including Shot Glass Journal, Jerry Jazz Musician, Literary Yard, Highland Park Poetry, and CommuterLit. Anthony writes from Durham, England.


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