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Managing COVID-19 Through a Notepad

By Susan Erickson

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

April 25: “Your Mom has a temperature, probably COVID.”

April 26th: COVID positive.

April 27th: “Doing incredible.”

April 28th: “Doing really well.”

April 29th: “Little cough.”

April 30th: “Little congested.”

May 1st: “Little worse with her breathing, still fragile.”

May 2nd: “Requiring increased oxygen. Goal for everything to stay the same.”

May 3rd: “There is a good chance she won’t survive the day.”

May 4th: “Slightly better but a long way of being out of the woods.”

May 5th: “Doing great.”

May 6th: “Rocky Award, she is the miracle on the ward.”

May 8th: Release maybe tomorrow.

May 9th: “Stable.”

May 11th: Released from hospital.

May 14th: “Anxious, improving.”

May 19th, “On the way back to the hospital, struggling. COVID (-) rapid test.”

May 20th: “Doing well.”

May 21st: “COVID test positive.”

May 23: “Lungs sounding junky, not turning a corner; back to the hospital; possibility she may not make it.”

May 24th.: “Clot in lungs, should discuss hospice.”

May 25th: 8:00 p.m., “Struggling, Mom decides on comfort measures.”

May 26th: “Meets criteria for hospice; will just receive comfort meds; two weeks tops,”

May 27th: 9:16 a.m. “Your Mom just passed.”


Susan Erickson holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and writes science and social studies curriculum for elementary age students. She has been a blogger for years, loves doing contemplative photography, is a power walker, a tea lover, a gardener, and loves being outdoors. Susan is the proud Mom to two wonderful sons. This piece was formulated from a WB Mason 8.5 x 11 inch lined notepad that she used to take notes on during daily discussions with healthcare personnel who were taking care of her Mom during her fight and subsequent death from COVID19. You can read more of her thinking and stories at: and at


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