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By Monalisa Parida

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

There was a girl

Who lived in a querencia

A secret garden,

Where love, light surrounds.

Enchantress soul uses passionate fire.

When a moment changed

Everything in her life.


She is getting fear

More than yesterday.

If she goes back to her safe place alone . . .

Would the sea notice her absence?

Recognize the emptiness

And the calmer waves to her children?

One day,

She will look back for him

And she will she him again.


Monalisa Parida is a post graduate in English literature and a prolific poetess. Her poems have been published in various e-journals and newspapers and has been translated into numerous languages including Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Persian, Romanian, and more. Monalisa has received 64 international awards for her poetry. She received the International Ambassador of Peace award from the World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights, Bhutan and an Honorary Doctorate from the Global Alliance For Autism and Peace, Alexandria, Egypt. She writes from Kendrapada, Odisha, India.


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