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Mexico's Missing Dead

By Hector Rodriguez

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

Hundreds of thousands have been murdered.

Men, women young and old vanish.

Drug cartels are merciless.

Interference in their business is deadly.

They ruthlessly kill anyone.

Families desperately search for the missing dead.

The souls of the murdered call out to be found.

There was no dignity to their deaths.

Bodies disposed of like garbage, never to be discovered.

Mothers cry out for government involvement.

Their responses have been negligible.

They want to dignify their loved ones' deaths.

Some experience nightmares of seeing loved ones tortured.

Others dream of recovering the bodies.

Their hearts cry from excruciating pain.

Many have united in search of family members.

They hear the cries of their lost souls.

Some search far and near through dirt roads, ravines,

landscapes and rivers.

They continue to suffer the pain of not knowing.

Families claim they have felt the spiritual energy of the missing.

Their cultural and religious beliefs provide the

bridge to the spiritual world.

Many have faith in St. Anthony and pray to him.

Their prayers ask to find their family members.

For some, bodies have been found.

Others continue the torturous search.

Many have not found closure.

Some are hopeful of eventually finding the


This consuming spiritual journey of love continues.

For others, grieving is a new way of life.

They want peace of mind.


Hector Rodriguez is a retired clinical social worker. He became interested in writing two years ago. During the pandemic, Hector began to dabble in poetry. Poetry became a way to release stress and express his feelings. Being able to express his feelings in writing was comforting. Hector joined two zoom groups. In one of the groups, a participant told him about the Journal of Expressive Writing. Understanding the importance that we all need the opportunity to express ourselves, he cherishes this opportunity to share his writing with the members of this community. Hector writes from Yonkers, NY.


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