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My First Meadow: White Mountains, Arizona

By Evelyn J. Caballero

PROMPT — Joy is ...

I run among wildflowers

in a meadow so vast

arms waving, laughing loud, trying

to catch the wind whispering by me

scents of pollen, pine, and grass.

The endless sky—hues of red and orange

twilight’s sun descended

horizon’s forest of ponderosa pine

coyote running in the distance

a cow, unmoving.

I hold the air with one breath

as I see this world

I lack the words

to describe the fullness in my chest

and yet I know this

very moment is sharing eternity.


Evelyn J. Caballero is a Filipina-American, an anthropologist, and a self-made poet. Her poems are published in the Journal of Expressive Writing and by the Society of Humanistic Anthropology. As an immigrant from the Philippines, she writes poems about American landscapes that she sees for the very first time. Evelyn writes from Fairfax, Virginia.


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