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My Strong Fingers

By Audrey Geliga

PROMPT—Privilege ...

My strong fingers have held my children when they needed me the most and in times when I just wanted a hug and to feel them close. My strong fingers spent many months and six years writing about my children with special needs, so I wouldn’t cry as much and be as sad as much, and I wouldn’t feel alone. These strong fingers have helped others in similar situations and because of this, I now have strong, ever-lasting friendships. These strong fingers learned how to practice Reiki and meditation so they could help calm all of the anxiousness that was overrunning my body when three and half years ago, my daughter ended up in the hospital. These strong fingers, I hope will continue to work their magic as I continue on this journey we call Life.


Audrey Geliga graduated from St. John’s University. She worked in television before she decided to be a stay at home mom. She has two children, both whom have Special Needs. She spent years advocating through children's books, a blog, public speaking workshops, and having a book club of her own. After her daughter had a medical incident, she spent the last three years on a journey of self-love and growth. Through positive psychology and Reiki, Audrey has re-discovered her creative roots and is excited about where this journey will take her. She writes from Floral Park, New York.


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