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By Oteeyho Iro

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

I did not know

it's hellish to live on the other end of the gun

always on the target board___

that surviving is another form of dying.

How do I diffuse this pain

where do I rest this bones that made a home

on the spine of my back, the blade of my shoulders,

the base of my throat & every papilla of my tongue.

It's shattering & betraying

the world's population nine digit zeros but yet

my hometown is bleeding

my hometown is mourning

my hometown is dying

tethering on the edge of a bullet

gasping for help but no one answers.

"frustration is powerlessness

frustration is suffocation."

I wish i could do more___more than this poem

but my tongue is all I have got

my voice the only ammunition I can yield.

i will speak!

i will write!

i will not rest until

our tears, wiped.

our cries, heard.

the gory, stopped.

I will not rest until Birnin Gwari

is Birnin Gwari again

free from any menace & monsters

until home is home again.


Oteeyho Iro hails from Nigeria where she also resides. She is a word enthusiast and her work has been published on Visual Verse. She can be reached on instagram@ oteeyho_iro


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