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By Martin Schwarz

PROMPT—No one noticed ...

Nauseous without a cause

Anxious for your applause

On a bed infested with mice

Picking on my toes

Red poppy by my head

Put coins on my eyes

Ship me off to the stage

For I have wars to wage

A gentle radiance

From a ceiling urchin's shell

Preserves me from decay

Embalmed I am safe

A vortex descends on me

Of shrapnel and hopelessness

Yet a hunger in my spine

Hauls me from the afterlife

Born in hail

Tundra around

Holy land

Arcing light

Sullen heart

In a rib cage of rebars

Feathered darts

Try to numb me

But I pull them out

And break them and bash them

And stomp them to pieces

Hush now

The sheer stress of the shear stress grinds me



Martin Schwarz is a young author whose drawer supply of poems has outgrown its dimensions, so he decided to start sending them around. Since his job in bio-medicine is very evidence-based and scientific, he ventilates by writing poems and rock songs and by singing in the choir of Prague's RockOpera. Martin writes from Praha, Prague.


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