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RT-PCR test

By Sandip Saha

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

I saw how much you can take on yourself

untiring in the adventurous tour we ventured into

RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests were appalling

before boarding every flight between the countries

we were trembling in fear before seeing test reports

since positive report was to detach us

from the rest and quarantine in the foreign lands

you were shouldering not only the burden of keeping

everybody’s test and vaccination reports in order

Iceland, France, Germany asked to fill up forms

for five of us before landing in those countries.

Out of blue, our fear happened to be true

your little son’s report came positive

we five were detached from others of the group

so much worried we were, what to do?

You boldly carried out the small child’s tests again

Hours passed we were waiting in hotel

while you were running from pillar to post to get tests redone

lest others leave for India abandoning you in lurch

how it was possible to leave you there in the foreign land?

The worried face of the small child was heart wrenching

The only hope was - the report should come negative.

Rest of the group started distancing themselves

went to Cologne, even the tour manager

deserted us for languishing, so inhumane!

Lastly you, the brave heart, won the war.

The report came negative.


Sandip Saha has published six collections of poems including Clashes in human life,Petals and Chocolates, Trial of God, Loving women, Quest for freedom, and Lovely women spoiled women. Dr. Saha has also published 135 poems in 44 journals in six countries (India, USA, UK, Australia, Romania and Mauritius). He has won the Ukiyoto Literary Award, “Poet of the year 2022” for his poetry collection, “Trial of God,” the Global Scholars Foundation Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna, “Best Poet Writer Award - 2022, and the Poetry Matters Project Lit Prize - 2018. Dr. Saha writes from Kolkata, India.


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