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She's a Wildflower

By Nitika Balaram

PROMPT—No one noticed ...

The thing about wildflowers is that they will grow in almost any condition. Whatever life throws at them, even when people ignore them, they survive and thrive. Like an outsider disrupting perfectly landscaped gardens in rich neighborhoods. Suddenly popping up amid earthquake rubble, against all odds. Brightening up the corners of dilapidated buildings in a refugee camp. Delivering a message on a glum day as she stares out her kitchen window to find a patch of purple sprouting from crevices in the pavement. It’s her time to mimic the lilac limbs; grow wild. She will thrive, against all odds.


Nitika Balaram is a writer and lawyer with a creative soul. Her work has been published in Swim Press and Written Tales Magazine. She was born in India, grew up in New Zealand and Australia, and lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband. Follow her writing journey on Instagram @nitika.balaram


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