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By Moriah Hampton


I want to lead

you there

find you there

follow you there


where I

feel safe

and you

feel safe

where I

can live fully

and you

can live fully


for us and for people

who want to

be with us.

I want to meet you at the point

where two circles intersect

and the world

outside falls away

and we are left standing

on an empty stage

and as we turn

the stage falls away

and we are left standing

in the dirt

before any territory

was lost or won

looking at

one another

ready to speak

each other’s name.


Moriah Hampton received her PhD in Modernist Literature from SUNY-Buffalo. Her fiction, poetry, and photography have appeared in Wordgathering, Entropy Magazine, Rune Literary Collection, The Sonder Review, and elsewhere. She currently teaches in the Writing and Critical Inquiry Program at SUNY-Albany.


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