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Spring’s Song

By Rupsingh Bhandari


The orchestra of cicadas

Sing the erotic song of spring,

On the pregnant fruits’ trees… filled with

Inspections of insects and birds

Flowers with distinct aroma… holding the tempting honey

In its heart

Invite different tribes of bees and butterflies

To sing the chorus of spring.

Spring inaugurates a bridal festivity of creation

By withdrawing its last brown leaves …

Bees buzzing their happy song

Tenderly circle into the virgin wind

On the backdrop of white catnapped Himalayas

Hallucinated by sweetened spring…pause and sing their

Drunkard song without rhyme.

The kingdom of rhododendron

Like topless skirt of green jungle, signaling the spring’s youthfulness

Sings its juicy song of redness

Migrant birds’ are on vacations

Look busy to spend their furtive time with their new melodies…

The sudden rain drizzles the fragrant sky

The puffs of clouds dance and the rainy rays drift from the blue sky

Stealing the colors of wild-flower

Paints a crescent rainbow…

The land-breeze gently chases the group of fallen dry leaves

And climbs the newly budding trees

In the song of dry leaves

The blossomed bough dances and sowers petals to honor

Dry leaves for their sacrifices

In welcoming the new spring.

The stream inside the jungle carries the

Messages of festive spring

Singing its nursery rhyme heads to grow down…

Cracking the winter sleets…

The polychromic carnival of spring

Allows everything’s to sing their

Heart and souls together… without any prejudices.

The festive jungle, an organizer of spring

Which continuously sings its old opera

By the evening wind—approach from the south to survey

Every day with a new hello…across the pine trees….

Spring sings its farewell song

With the aroma of summer first petrichor…


Rupsingh Bhandari is a poet and social activist from the Karnali province of Nepal. He has completed his M.Ed, M.A and M.Phil. degrees in English from Tribhuvan University. He is a writer who writes in English, Nepali and Hindi. Rupsingh has published several poems, articles, short stories, as well as translated poems and stories. He is the author of the Conscience’s Quantum poetry book. He served as editor of the International Anthology of Pandemic Poetry 2020. His creations are world widely anthologized and published. He is a founder of Words Highway International (Writers Association). Rupsingh does painting and music and loves to travel.


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