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By Chandra Persaud

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

A long time ago—

I am a skill-less swimmer

Swallowed whole by the waves

In constant need of saving

A not so long time ago—

I am able to float in water

Aware of when I will drown

Finding help before the waves submerge me


I am able to tread and crawl in water

Pain, fear, uncertainty in each stroke

But I am learning


I am a skilled enough swimmer

Peacefully keeping my head above water

Longer than ever before


Chandra Persaud is a New York State licensed speech-language pathologist. When she is not improving the communication abilities of her clients, Chandra enjoys writing poetry (IG: @pieces_of_acp), short stories, and reflective pieces on topics such as love, heartbreak, identity, and self-actualization. She writes from Brooklyn, NY.


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