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Taking Action Steps

By Kenya Jones

PROMPT — If only ...

If only the ideas people have for fixing issues that are negatively impacting communities could be implemented. These days, no one feels safe. It takes a consistent community effort and local politicians to fix these issues. After the brainstorming and meetings have taken place, the next steps are action steps. Meetings, forums and brainstorming are just the beginning. But they can’t be the only steps to achieving the results we need. Meetings without implementing anything that was discussed will continue to keep the issues alive.

The cause has been found, but not enough has been done to fix the issues. How long will we wait until the solutions are implemented?

Children are dying.

Parents are dying.

Adults are dying.

When will this end?


Kenya Jones has been writing ever since she was in first grade. She started off journal writing and then moved to short stories and poems. When Kenya was younger, if there were additional black and white composition notebooks left after her mom went shopping for school supplies, she would use the rest as journals. Kenya writes from Freeport, NY.


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